Sunday, June 11, 2006

Running Solo

Ran my first longish run effort in almost 2 months. Was planning to go about 12 miles and/or around 90 minutes, but joined up with someone I had met a couple of times at local road races and went a mile past my planned turn around point.

It was kind of nice chatting with someone during a run and not thinking about pace or anything. I only ran with him for a mile and a half and it went by too quickly. I was thinking of continuing on with him but didn't want to turn a planned 12 miler in a painful 15 or 16.

The return 6.6 mile trip home included a 3+ mile uphill portion into a stiff wind. Despite the conditions, I was able to maintain a nice, steady 7:12 pace on that segment, which didn't feel too difficult. I hope my training is getting back to normal.

My doctor couldn't find anything wrong with me on Thursday so I'm just awaiting the results from my blood test in the next day or two...