Thursday, May 25, 2006

No Gas in the Tank

Ughh! I guess my tempo effort on Tuesday was too hard after all. I attempted to run 300 meter repeats today at faster than mile pace and had nothing. Zip. Nada, Nothing.

After a warm up and drills, I was ready for 4 sets of 3x300m with a 100m jog and a 400m jog between sets. However, my brain forgot to tell the rest of my body, and I knew I was toast after the first 300 with the second 300 telling me to cut my losses.

I then altered the workout and ran 4x200m with a 200m jog, and then did some 150m strides. The whole thing was slow and a complete chore to finish. My legs were pretty dead and had no spring. Not a good sign considering I want to race some 800s in June/July. I have a long ways to go before getting in track shape.

In my opinion, one of worst things about cutting a workout short, other than the sense of wimping out, is figuring out what you are going to do to get the mileage in. That's because you're not in the right mindset anymore and the last thing you want to do at that time is to continue running.

As for me, I need to take the next couple of days easy and then see how the Sunday long run goes. And next week, maybe I'll schedule the track work for earlier in the week...