Saturday, June 03, 2006

Alive and kicking

I use to follow the widely held industry maxim that running shoes should be replaced every 300-400 miles.

I was a sheep that also liked to buy new shoes any chance I could get so it wasn't a real bother.

However, now that I train exclusively in racing flats, I've started to change my tune on shoe usage. I'm trying to stick with models that work for me and flats are usually harder to come by.

My current favorite is the Mizuno Revolver 2 and I'm down to my last two pairs. I've been trying to wring out as many miles as possible out of these shoes in order to hold off migrating to the very red update of the Mizuno Revolver 3.

I have one pair that just exceeded 500 miles on them (see above photo) and I'll see if I can get another 100 mile or so out of them. Since I usually don't wear out the shoe tread, I need to watch carefully if the mid-sole is compressing. I'll also try to use them on softer surfaces such as trails and the local golf course.

600 miles will be pretty cool since it's like getting two pairs of shoes for the price of one.

Running wise, the weekend was uneventful. Got my mileage in and counting the days until my doctor's appointment on Thursday...