Friday, June 02, 2006

Holding Pattern

It feels like the past month and a half my training has been in a holding pattern. Physically, I haven't been able to shake my mystery ailment that has left me feeling tired and rundown. My annual doctor's appointment is next week so I hope I can resolve my health issues.

I've been still getting in the miles, but haven't been able to maintain a consistent level of training and workouts. I still would like to run a decent 800m race at the PAUSATF Masters Champs on July 1, but the lack of speedwork is starting to concern me, and time is running out. I guess I'll see what happens over the next few week.

More long term, I've been thinking of attempting a marathon again. The only time I tried, I dropped out of the 2002 California International Marathon (CIM)in Sacramento at around 19 miles. I was on pace for sub 3 hours, but a piriformis injury sustained in the month leading up to the race waylaid my efforts. Plus, the lack of marathon pace training also did me in.

The race was completely forgettable except for the fact I ended up jogging in the last 4+ miles. This was because the bus in charge of taking the drop outs like myself to the finish area only moved at 5 miles per hour. I ended up getting off the bus since it took forever to drive a couple of miles.

So with almost 4 years gone by, I think I'm dumb enough again to subject myself to the pain of marathon training. If I can get through the summer healthy, I'll aim for CIM in early December....