Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Breathing Gadget?

I just got the latest catalog from Road Runner Sports (RRS) in the mail, and I always enjoy flipping through the pages to look at the latest shoes and clothes.

As a VIP Member of their Run America Club, I like to try out new shoes from RRS because of the free shipping and 45-day no-pain shoe guarantee.

If I'm trying a shoe for the first time, this guarantee really comes in handy, because it takes more than just walking around the house to see if a shoe will work. You have up to 45 days to test the shoes on the roads, trails, etc., and if you don't like them then they'll take them back no questions asked.

Since I now train only in racing flats the selection is more limited at RRS, but the VIP membership is still worth the price I think. On a side note, if I have a shoe that really works for me then I'll usually order them via Jamie Dick's online store at FootRX. Jamie is a podiatrist and regular poster on the Runner's World forums. He gives a 20% discount (I forgot the code), and provides knowledgeable and excellent service. He comes highly recommended!

So back to the catalog. I was looking at the gadget section and came across the PowerBreathe product that supposedly allows you to "strengthen your inspiratory muscles (the ones you use to breath in) and improve lung function to get more out of your workout" by taking "30 breaths twice daily with the POWERbreathe."

Sounds interesting. Might be worth investigating and reviewing at $63, especially when I can return it if not satisfied. Anyone out there try this before?

As for my running, today was another recovery day. Body is feeling a little better so I'll just ease back into things and not stress the system too much....