Tuesday, May 09, 2006

5K Race: Another View of the Data

I thought I'd offer up another view of the GPS data from my 5K race this past Sunday. The elevation vs distance vs pace graph above on the left was pulled from MotionBased, while the one on the right is from SportTracks.

While my Garmin Forerunner 205 calculated the race distance at 3.10 miles, both SportTracks and MotionBased crunched the GPS waypoints in their respective complex algorithms and spit out 3.11 miles.

However, MotionBased also has the MB Gravity Elevation Correction feature, which smooths the elevation data taken from the GPS device. It came up with the following elevation information for the 5K course (with the 205's data in parentheses):
Start Elevation (ft):368 (387)
Finish Elevation (ft):360 (358.5)
Min. Elevation (ft):322 (338)
Max. Elevation (ft):371 (387)
I'm not big on the elevation data, but I know many are so if you are looking for betterelevation accuracy than your GPS device provides (the 205 elevation data seems to waffle a lot) then it might be worthwhile trying MotionBased....

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