Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Tired Legs and Last Week's Training

Last week was disappointing. My legs are still tired from the half marathon a couple of weeks ago and I came down with some kind of bug that has left me feeling rundown. Ran a total of 56 miles but bailed on a couple of workouts and took my first day off in almost 2 months on Saturday. I then struggled thorugh a MP run on Sunday and called it quits after 10 miles.

I'm taking it easier this week (didn't run yesterday) and felt re-charged this morning when I ran 14.2 miles with 4.6 @ around 6:41 pace. I plan to run the local Lafayette Reservoir 5K on Sunday and will probably get in a longish warmup (4-5 miles) before starting the race.

CIM is closing in fast in less than 6 weeks and so I'm hoping I can get my legs back soon.