Monday, October 16, 2006

It must be the shoes...

Check out my bright red shoes from last week's half marathon. Anyway, I had to deal with tired legs last week as I'm still feeling the race and all the training. Here's how last week shaped up:

  • M: 6.4m easy
  • T: 9.75m
  • W: 12.65m
  • T: 9.25m w/6x600m @ 5k pace at the track with 200m jog in between. Averaged 2:01.7 for the 6 or around 81 per 400m.
  • F: 8.25m
  • S: 7.2m easy, but it didn't feel that way
  • S: 22.1m - Felt tired the whole run and near the end wondered why I was training for a marathon. At least I finished although I still can't see how I'll be able to go another 4 miles at a faster clip.
Total: 75.6m

I think I'll take this week easier and just run a 14 miles at MP next Sunday. My last race before CIM on December 3 is the Lafayette Reservoir 5K in two Sundays time. Racing a 5K really won't help the marathon training, but who cares....