Sunday, October 01, 2006

September and Weekly Roundup

September was a pretty solid month as I ran my most mileage for the year with 303.6 miles. I ran every day and my current consecutive streak is now up to 45 days in a row. In September, I ran two 20+ milers, an 18 miler and a 5K race in 17:29.

October is shaping up to be a big month as well as the modified Pfitz 18/70 plan transitions from LT runs to 5K pace track stuff and long MP runs. The trackwork doesn't faze me but the long MP runs have me a bit apprehensive. That's uncharted territory in my book and so I'm not looking forward to it.

This past week I ran 71.3 miles altogether with a good amount at MP. All the recent mileage has kept me tired and so this upcoming week is a little lighter with a 5K pace workout and the Primo's Run for Education Half Marathon next Sunday. I'm still trying to figure out what pace to attempt for this race.

Judging from the various calculators out there I have a number of paces to choose. For example, here are equivalents from recent races as determined by the McMillan Calculator and the Merv's Running Calculator:

8/6 - 10K in 36:59
McMillian 1/2 marathon/marathon = 1:22:18 (6:17 pace) / 2:53:34 (6:38)
Merv 1/2 marathon/marathon = 1:22:13 (6:16.3 pace) / 2:52:36 (6:35)

9/17 - 5K in 17:29
McMillian 1/2 marathon/marathon = 1:20:49 (6:10 pace) / 2:50:26 (6:31)
Merv 1/2 marathon/marathon = 1:21:35 (6:13 pace) / 2:51:18 (6:32)

The 5K performance was better but the Merv calculator gives it less weight than the McMillan calculator. In my case I think I'll aim for the 6:15-6:20 range in the early miles and see what happens since I'm more of a speed runner.

Anyway, here is how last week went:

  • M: 6.5m recovery run
  • T: 9.7m
  • W: 14.25m with 4.65 miles towards the end at 6:45 pace. Didn't feel that bad on the MP section but I just couldn't go any faster.
  • T: 7.7m recovery run with 6 x strides at track
  • F: 10.25m
  • S: 7.8m on firetrail
  • S: 15.4m with 12.25m @ 6:40 pace. Pacing was all over the map and I had a hard time getting into a steady rhythm. The route I ran was up and down as well with long gradual inclines and some shorter downhill sections. It wasn't hilly but was far from flat so I guess it's a good test for CIM which has a negative drop and not much in the way of inclines.
There are 9 weeks to go to CIM in Sacramento on December 3. I have until October 30 to sign up online and not have to pay extra. Before I sign up I should book a hotel room soon as good ones in downtown Sacramento near the finish line (and buses to the start) will be harder to come by....